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  • July FCBC Board Meeting

July FCBC Board Meeting

  • Thursday, July 15, 2021
  • 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Zoom

Next Board Meeting

The next Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 15 at 7:30 pm via Zoom.  Everyone is welcome to join the virtual meeting.  If you would like to participate, please send an email to info@fresnobike.org, and the login information and call-in number will be sent to you.

FCBC Board Meeting Agenda for July 15, 2021

Topic: FCBC Board Meeting 

Time: July 15, 2021 07:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada) 

Location: Zoom

Call to Order at 7:30 pm

Mission Statement:  

FCBC works to build healthy, equitable, and safe communities through advocacy, education, and collaboration that promotes bicycling for everyday transportation and recreation.



We envision a Fresno County that is a beacon of positive transformation where bicycling is safe, enjoyable, and accessible to all, and is an integral part of a sustainable multimodal transportation system.

Introductions: 2 min




Approval of Agenda: 2 min



Approval of Minutes of June 17, 2021: 2 min



Treasurer’s Report: 5 min presentation by Jack:



Old Business: 

FCBC Midtown Trail: 5 min 

Strategic planning efforts: 

Leadership Incubator Committee: 5 min

Membership Development Committee: 5 min

Productivity Metrics Committee: 5 min

Bike Match updates:

 “I'm still able to make incremental progress here and there, but I'd like to get Stephen Braitsch's blessing on using the Bike Match name for our own version of the site. Otherwise I think we may need to call it something else (perhaps, Fresno Bicycle Exchange: Give a Bike, Get a Bike). What I've developed so far is fairly different in implementation, so we would be safe there (we would allow users to negotiate the match themselves as well as arranging the meetup).

Best regards,


Standing Item: Legislation: 5 min


Assembly Bill 122, which brings the “Idaho stop” to California and allows bicyclists to treat stop signs as yield signs.  The bill had a second reading in the Senate, was amended, and sent back to the Transportation Committee.  As currently proposed, the California Highway Patrol would provide a report with safety data to the Legislature by January 2027, and the provisions of the bill would sunset on January 1, 2028.

Assembly Bill 117 would establish incentives for electric bicycles.  The bill was passed by the Assembly and went to the Senate and is now in the Transportation Committee.

Assembly Bill 43 modifies the method that speed limits are set and gives more guidance as to when speed limits can be reduced an additional 5 mph from the 5 mph increment below the 85th percentile speed.  The bill has had a second reading and amendments in the Senate and is in the Senate Transportation Committee.

Reminder: HR 384 Bicycle Commuter Act of 2021 Tax Benefits for Commuters- campaign to call or write Devin Nunes Office


Past Events:

Bike Café July 13, 2021: 5 min

Bike Rodeo training for Teens that Care students July 14, 21 2021: 5 min

New Business:

FCBC Ride Commissioner : 5 min

Upcoming events:

Requests to FCBC for proposed bike events/ activities:

See Mathew Woodward’s list from Bike Cafe discussion

Ride to Vaccine- Cultiva La Salud

Fowler Bicycle Safety Event and Ride for kids and families-TBD

Fresno Historical Society Sat July 24, 2021 Kearney Mansion Bike Ride from Chandler Field 6:30 am- 10 am with docent Candice Hill:  5 min

Ride Blue 6 youth ages 12-14 training for California Classic

with Fresno PD starting January 2022 Officer D. Freeman:  5 min

Reel Pride FF Bike Valet:  5 min - Lex

Caltrans Kids Day Bike Rodeo August 5th - John Liu (potential for students?)


Next Board Meeting Aug 19, 2021

Meeting adjournment:

Fresno County Bicycle Coalition

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